Detroit Granite FAQ

How much are your granite countertops?

The price ranges from $25-$150 per square foot. The price depends on the size job, the type of granite, the cut outs, and the edges that you plan on using.

How do I get a price?

You can either fax us your design or we can come to your location and measure for you and give you a free estimate.

What colors do you have?

We have almost any style granite you want to choose from. You are more than welcome to come into our shop and pick the exact slab that you want to use for us to do your job.

What type of edge can I get on my countertops?

We can do any type of edge you want us to. This includes but is not limited to flat polished, bevel, rabbit, cove, radius, half bull nose, reverse bevel, large bull nose, full bull nose, reverse radius, DuPont, Ogee, laminated polished edge, laminated half bull nose, laminated full bull nose, laminated DuPont with Ogee, and waterfall.

Granite is much more expensive than laminate and tile countertops. How come?

Granite is the most dense product you can get for your countertops. It also requires much more labor to turn it into countertops. Granite will add more value to your home than any other countertops and last longer. Granite before it's turned into a countertop is thousands of years old. With the proper care and maintenance the granite is likely to outlast any other part of your house.

Is granite durable?

Absolutely! Granite is one of the strongest, most durable materials.

How often should I have my granite sealed?

Typically, granite should be sealed every 6 to 12 months. You'll want to note the fact that some common household cleaners can cause the seal to weaken. One way to help your seal last longer is to use cleaners made specifically for granite, but remember, even with special cleaners it's still a good idea to regularly seal the counter tops.

Where does granite come from?

Granite is an igneous rock. It is formed by volcanic activity.

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